Christmas dinner is really bad for you…

OR is it?

I am going to break down exactly what is on a typical Christmas dinner plate and show you that in actual fact your Christmas dinner can be very nutritious and satisfying.

Like i said, this is a typical dinner plate and i appreciate that some will have less of some things and more of others.

For a lot of people Christmas can be very stressful and the thought of gaining weight in December and over the festive period can distract people from the fun and joy Christmas can bring.

If you have been working on your health & fitness this year or you are thinking of making a change in the New Year then this post is for you.

So, before we start remember calories are king and how ever you structure your nutrition goals over Christmas if you eat too many calories you will gain weight.

HOWEVER, how awesome would it be to maintain your current weight over Christmas OR even drop a pound or two?

I have shown my private academy members this week how to manage their Christmas calories and have a stress free Christmas AND today i want to share with you how you can have a stress free Christmas dinner.



  • 100g potatoes 75 calories & 5.9 protein
  • 50g carrots 20 calories & 0.5 protein
  • 100g roast potatoes 149 calories & 2.9 protein
  • 50g parsnips 37 calories & 0.6 protein
  • 100g brocoli 34 calories & 2.8 protein
  • 50g sprouts 22 calories & 1.7 protein
  • 25g peas 16 calories & 1.4 protein


  • 1x Yorkshire pudding 130 calories & 4.4 protein
  • 20g gravey 66 calories & 0 protein
  • 2x pigs in blankets 140 calories & 3.5 protein
  • 25g stuffin 45 calories & 1.5 protein
  • medium chicken breast 200 calories & 40 protein


  • Calories = 934
  • Protein = 65.2

Now if we look at the typical woman who exercises 3x times per week her calorie intake for the day will most likely be around 18000 to 2000 and the typical man who exercises 3x per week will have a calorie requirement of around 2200 to 2800 calories per day. Obviously this differs from person to person and how active they are but you get the idea.

So for the typical woman after the above meal would still have some where between 866 and 1066 calories and for the man 1266 to 1866 calories for the remainder of the day.

On top of that if you have been careful and focused on your calories and activity before the week of Christmas you could have even more.

AND, on top of that just look at how much protein you would get from that meal, 65.2 grams of protein, that’s awesome! And let’s not forget the nutritious value and fibre value of this meal, it really is awesome.

SO, don’t stress, concentrate on your calorie intake before the week of Christmas and your calorie intake the week after and you will be absolutely fine.

REMEMBER, to see change, to see results and to be stress free over Christmas you will have to be aware of your food intake and activity level.

Don’t stress this Christmas, enjoy your food, enjoy time with friends and family and aim to at least maintain your weight.


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