Do you struggle to motivate yourself?

Motivation is some thing we all struggle with at times and like the tides of the ocean it can come and go.

Have you ever woke up and felt on top of the world, like you could conquer the world and then the next day feel like you don’t even want to get out of bed.

It’s these days that we need things in place to help us rebuild that motivation and look at the reasons why we woke up feeling so de-motivated.

In most cases the reason we wake up feeling so de-motivated is due to a stress of some sort. It could be a bad day in the office, a financial stress, some thing some one said to you that hurt your feelings or simply that you’re tired.

These things can have a huge impact on how motivated you are and how our day pans out.

Understanding these stresses and looking to over come them is going to be key to start to become more motivated, don’t ignore problems in your life whether they are minor or major problems look to over come them.

After we have dealt with these stresses then the next stage is to re-look at our goals and targets we have set ourselves, it is easy when stressed to forget these. A quick read through your goals and targets journal will hopefully help to improve your motivation.

And the one thing i find works really well with my clients is to start creating a gratitude journal as well. This is a book you write in each evening of all the things that have made you smile, laugh and feel grateful for during that day. It could be some thing as small as you found a £1 coin on the floor. Then each morning look back at the previous few days.

So, to conclude aim to:

  1. Deal with stresses, don’t let them linger as they will become bigger problems down the line. Problems at work, go to work, speak with your boss and get it sorted. Problems at home, sit down with your partner or kids and over come it. Poor sleep, get to bed earlier, nap in the day, find a baby sitter, meditate, find what works and get it dealt with.
  2. Write in a journal your goals and targets and read it each morning. If you have exercise goals, nutrition goals, work & life balance goals then remind yourself of how far you have come and what you still have to work on.
  3. Get yourself a journal and write in it all the things you are grateful for and all the things you are grateful for each day. Re-look at this list each morning.

Now, i am not saying that these things will change your life over night but over time and with consistency you will start to see results, conclusions to stresses, sleep better and have more motivated days then days where motivation is low.

Over the last 12 months i have worked a lot with my clients and their motivation, their stresses and in doing so have seen amasing results. Getting to the gym is the easy bit, being motivated to do a work out is the thing we need to work at.

If you have low motivation, stresses, poor sleeping patterns or find it difficult to stick to goals then lets get it sorted, lets change that feeling to a more positive and more uplifting feeling.




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