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Yes you did read that right, eat chocolate and lose body fat.
How many times have you said that you are going to cut out a certain food (like chocolate) only after a few days/weeks ended up struggling and over eating on that said food?

How many time have you, or have heard that some one has cut out a certain food and lost body fat?

Was it the food they cut out that made them lose body fat…?

NO, it was the fact they reduced their total calorie intake that resulted in them dropping body fat.
I NEVER tell any of my clients to stop eating any food.
In fact i tell all my clients to eat what ever they want.
What we focus on and what i teach is how to control how much food we consume through a calorie controlled diet.
This way you can still enjoy all the food you have always eaten and still see results.
A typical bar of chocolate is around 200 to 250 calories so in theory if you were eating around 1600 to 1800 calories per day you could easily include your favourite chocolate into your daily intake.
If your PT or coach tells you to stop eating a certain food then run away, run far away…
Moderation is key, calorie control is key and consistency is key.
💥Eat all the foods you enjouy
💥Control your calorie intake
💥Eat in moderation
💥Enjoy the process
💥Be patient
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