Men, are you feeling the pressure...?

Men, are you feeling the pressure...?

The pressure for men to look a certain way is becoming more and more obvious…

Over the years it has been and still is women who have been pressured the most into looking a certain way.

Magazines, social media and TV have for many years told women how they SHOULD look and we see a large amount of women with body confidence issues and a misinformed opinions of how they should look.

However in recent years it has now become apparent that men are, just like women, being pressured into looking a certain way.

Social media has a lot to blame for this…

Adverts for fat loss supplements, huge muscles and GAINZZZ are every where and men are feeling the pressure to look a certain way.

Men are regularly told that they should have big muscles, abs and be tanned 24 hours a day.

And just like women, men are now beginning to have a misinformed opinion of how they should look leading to body confidence issues, bigamorphia, and an increased use of steroids.

There is no such thing as normal or perfect and men and women need to begin to see that quickly or we will end up with a larger population of people low in confidence and in some cases become seriously ill or die due to over doing on the cosmetic surgery and drugs.

😁Be yourself, strive to improve on your nutrition, strive to become more active, set goals and aim to make personal improvements.

Try not to compare yourself to others.

You will never look like any one else, as you are not them, be yourself and start to love the skin you are in.

🧔Men, if you are being pressured to look a certain way then i would like to offer you this advice…

1. Have a social media break…
– turn off your social media for a few days/weeks and focus on work, your training, family and your own development.

2. Delete every one from your social media…
– Remove every one who doesn’t offer you positivity. This doesn’t just mean companies and influencers but friends and family too.

3. Review where you currently are and set new goals.
– are you moving forward? set some new goals like improving how much protein you eat, drink more water and get to bed earlier.

4. Ignore her…
– from experience most women don’t want to be around men with big muscles and veins popping out every where, they don’t want to be around some one who hits the gym for 2 hours a day and is up to their eyes in steroids.

5. Ask for help…
– don’t be that guy who thinks they know every thing, ask questions, educate yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you want to be a body builder then that’s awesome, HOWEVER striving to look like one for the benefits of others and because you think that is how you should look all of the time is not healthy and can lead to serious body image issues.

Find an exercise you enjoy, strive to reduce body fat levels, improve health and aim for a healthy work/family life balance.

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