👇The best way to set & stick to your goals…?

👉And actually start seeing results…!

Setting goals and sticking to them can be the trickiest thing you’ll do when it comes to your health and fitness success.

For the most part i see people set some fantastic goals and then a few weeks in lose all motivation and desire to continue with them.


💥Well it could be down to a number of things.

*The goal(s) were way too big
*You didn’t take into consideration your current lifestyle
*You restricted on your calories too much
*You decided to cut out all the food you enjoy
*You didn’t take into consideration your current levels of fitness & Strength
*You realised the goals you set were not what you actually wanted
*You haven’t been consistent
*You haven’t been patient

🧐So where do you go from here…

The first thing i get all my clients to do is write down all the things they want to achieve.

From losing body fat to being able to do a press up.

Once all their goals are written down we then look at how we can reach them by applying SMART…

SMART stands for:

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

💥S- Specific

Your goal should be clear and specific, otherwise you won’t be able to focus your efforts or feel truly motivated to achieve then.

When writing out your goal, try to answer the 5x “W” questions:

WHAT do I want to accomplish?
WHY is this goal important?
WHO is involved?
WHERE is it located?
WHICH resources or limits are involved

💥M – Measurable

Then we look to make it measurable, i.e. we want to drop 4 inches around our waist or a want to run a 5km with out stopping or walking.

“i want to look good in a bikini” is not a measurable goal


When writing down your goals it is important to make them achievable. If you goal requires 10 hours of exercise per week and a calorie deficit and you have a busy lifestyle and a social life this might not be a goal to set your heart on.


Be realistic, you are not going to win gold in the 100m any time soon HOWEVER taking part in 100m training and the occasional Track & Field meet isn’t out the question.


Add some ind of time scale to your goals. For example, i want take part in a 5km fun run in October 2019 but have never ran more than 100 yards. This gives you 5 months to train and you can work back from he date of the race.

Don’t approach a goal with out some kind of time scale.

😀By implementing this kind of structure you will have a much better chance of reaching any goal you have in mind.

If you are having a low day today then this evening sit down, turn the TV off, put your mobile phone down and go through all of the above

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