Elis Roberts

Elis Roberts
I am a keen gym goer and play rugby for the RGC and Caernarfon. My interests are strength training, building muscle and improving my fitness. My goal is to help people reach their health and fitness goals through healthy eating and regular exercise. I love helping people in the gym whether it be with their technique or showing them alternative exercises. I am very approachable and train from the Caernarfon Tennis Centre so if you see me come and say 'hi' Along side Arron and the team we will help you what ever your goal is and our aim is to help as many people as we can not just locally but around the world too.
Building Muscle
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What People Say

This face to face picture shows that the work I’ve put in so far has made a difference. No fad diets just a good balance…

Peter Lees CCW

16 weeks .. Well worth it, feel fitter than ever..!

David Swinburn Pub Owner