Testimonials before and afters

This face to face picture shows that the work I’ve put in so far has made a difference. No fad diets just a good balance of eating healthy (including a few treats) and the right exercise. Thank you to Arron for his help and advice along the way.

Peter Lees CCW

16 weeks .. Well worth it, feel fitter than ever..!

David Swinburn Pub Owner

This is my 4week transformation! All thanks to Arron for the constant support & once a week session. Thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone.

Nicola Curtin Council

This was not possible without the help from Arron, first class coach and kept me going whenever i struggled!

Gareth Jones Council

2.5 stone lighter! It’ll be one year next month since you put me on the right track!

Neil Thomas Photographer

A great coach and very supportive. I really enjoy having a great workout.

Sam Pritchard Carer

Brilliant sessions and an awesome coach/trainer, always motivating to get you working to the max!

Fflur Roberts Physiotherapist

A very good instructor, i have manage to reach my goals, improve my nutrition and lifestyle.

Andrew Whitten Carer

Highly recommend Arron as a trainer! He has helped me to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle which i am able to maintain within my busy life. 4 and a 1/2 stone lighter and 4 dress sizes smaller!

Stacey Hughes Hair Dresser

I heard about Arron through social media and he was also highly recommended by a friend. I wanted to shed a few pounds but most importantly become healthier and more active. I found him very motivational in helping me reach my goals. I could contact him through Facebook at any time if I needed some words of encouragement. The workouts were fun, energetic. Not only have I now lost a few pounds, I have seen great results with my body! I am now much fitter and leaner thanks to Arron.

Fflur Roberts Teacher

I have been a client of Arrons since January and he’s helped me change the way i look at food, helped me increase my output and getting me out of my comfort zone by attending classes. Looking back now after 5 months of hard work and a week before my holiday, iv’e grown from being a shy person and embarrassed of how i looked to becoming a happier me so thank you Arron!

Rebecca Brown Student

I am now a stone & three quarters lighter, fitter, stronger and in better shape than i was over 10 years ago. Arron will educate you and crucially help you to make your program the norm. A brilliant PT.

Alun Gruffydd Translater

When i started training with Arron i had no confidence, i was unfit and my diet was awful. My main goal was to feel confident in a bikini. I wouldn’t consider my self big however i was just unhappy with my body. I never thought i would look forward to exercise or get up at 8am. No i am the happiest i have ever been and loads more confident. Thanks Arron.  

Angharad Morris Hair Dresser

I became fitter & stronger and i also lost weight. Arron was able to accommodate me as i suffer from Labyrinthitis. I would recommend Arron to any one.

Cheryl Ann Davies

A great way to get fit and healthy post pregnancy in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommended to any new Mam.

Christine Barker- Jones

Modern and well equipped studio. A knowledgable and approachable coach. Thanks Arron.

Alaw Rees Jones NHS

Arron has changed my lifestyle to become a better one.  I would recommend anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for better to attend Arron’s sessions

Tim Caton Carer

I’ve been working out with Arron the past year & have been working particularly close with him over the last 10 weeks whilst he supported me through a gruelling nutritional & exercise plan. Arron’s classes are always good fun & hard work, he pushes you to your individual limits whilst focusing on your technique. He is always available to give excellent nutritional & exercise advice & is keen to push you towards your goals. I can’t recommend Arron enough.

Jayne Jacobs Vet

Arron helped me over a 12 week plan, i dropped my body fat, my fitness level improved and i enjoyed my food.

Gary Jones Personal Trainer

I didn’t think it was possible, but one year on and what a different it has been, i want to thank Arron for his guidance, help and support.  

Chris Bach Currier

I have been working with Arron for just under 1 year; 5 and half stone lost so far! What ever your aim or goals i would highly recommend Arron.

Llio Non S4C

I’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me Arron…

Andrea Davies Student Midwife